[EF#6 WEEKLY CHALLENGE] A shy Catwoman.

February 16, 2015

The phone was ringing, it was at tenth, even the twelfth ringing and still going on. Hesitated, Kelly picked up the phone.

Kelly knew that Dylan’s voice.
“Dylan, What can i do for you?”
“Are you alright? i’m worried about the medicine from Prof. Geof, have you taken one?’
“No.. of course not.. don’t worry, i will not take that medicine, it’s too dangerous..”
“phew.. Thank God.. yes, you’re right.. that medicine has bad effect, i suggest you bring that medicine to the lab tomorrow, prof Geof need to do some researches first”.

Dylan hang up the phone. No more calls from dylan after that. Kelly then decided to Shopping this afternoon. Suddenly, the black cat jumped at front of Kelly’s face, shocked her with it’s irritating manner and loudly noises. kelly saw the black cat but at a moment later, it was disappeared. She was about to put her shopping bag in the car when there was suddenly a car in front of her house exploded into pieces.

source : catwoman

Not realizing that “the cat” in her showed off, kelly jumped, crawled, scratched, and sniffed just like a cat would do . She attacked a man who blown up the neighbour’s car. “I know you are the one behind this. still looking for something to burn?” kelly groaned to that man like a cat. The man threw something to Kelly. It was a Bomb! Kelly catched the bomb and licked the fuse so the bomb wouldn’t blow off. “What you did has destroyed a grandmother’s house, throw that bomb again and you will be my prey”.

A blind grandmother step out lumbered from her room, she confused of what had happened. Kelly asked the grandma to sit and stay calm inside her room while the police checked the crime scene and did a further investigation.
A man turned to Kelly and asked “do you know who did this?”
“Yes, he is very dangerous person. but don’t worry he’s on his way to hell now” Kelly answerd softly. As she hided a bone behind her back.

This writing is for English Friday Challenge at BEC. The theme is Alter Ego. Up until now I don’t know how describe the character really like, but I think fiction story would complete the requirement. I hope.. 😀

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    1. gara… sorry for very late respon.. my alter ego?? hmm apa yaa?? kdg aku merasa suka pny khayalan tinggi, dan suka nulis2in sendiri di kertas kosong.. sometimes pengen jg di buku in jd novel hehehe..

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