February 6, 2015

BEC is a new thing for me, until i was read one of my friend’s posted in KEB (kumpulan emak blogger) talked about BEC. I registered as a member in BEC, Nita had introduced this group, because i didn’t know how the rules and what i have to do.


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BEC Learning Group and ChitChat BEC are enjoyable activity for me, even though as a silent reader frequently. We have same interested in English, those people are talkative, They find it easy to strike up a conversation, really fun, friendly, and still follow the rules. Their conversation makes me easily to get a new vocabulary, new idioms, and the humorous thing sometimes. I thank you so much to admins and mentors, from BEC i’ve learnt many things, especially writting. Honestly, my English writting still miserable hehehe.. but BEC give me more a lesson, and i insisted my self to be bold writting in English. Furthermore, i have update my blog more routinely.

I hope BEC have games program in the future, for instance find the wisdom words from the movie that you have watched, or “what’s your perspective about David Beckham?”‘ – just short game.. – but people can give the sentence and expression. Another game is pretending to be a chef like Bondan Winarno “Maknyus program television”  ( What we called it this program on television? ), the rule is : one of admin upload the food picture, and audience pretend eating that food, and explain what the flavour and ingredient. After finish the game, mentor correction our sentence and grammar.

BEC is a good idea as a study English forum, keep on shared English knowledge. Be the best you can be!.

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