Apa itu batas waktu di iPhone?

Google Sync Known Issues with iOS

Here are the current limitations for usingGoogle Syncon AppleiPhone, iPad, and iPod touchdevices.

Incorrect or invalid password

You might need to unlock your account by solving a short CAPTCHA.

  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/UnlockCaptcha.
  2. If prompted, enter your email address, password, and the letters in the CAPTCHA box.
  3. If CAPTCHA issues persist:
    • If you have multiple devices, reset all devices to use the correct password.
    • Follow the steps toenroll your iOS device.
    • Try setting your phone to check for updates every 15 minutes. Open Settings
      Passwords & Accounts
      Fetch New Data
      . SwitchPush to Off
      under Fetch, selectEvery 15 minutes. If you need data to bepushed to your iOS device, consider downloading the Gmail app from Apple's iTunes Store.

If you use 2-Step Verification (2SV) or single sign-on (SSO) with a third-party identity provider, you need to use an Application Specific Password. For details, seeSign in using App Passwords.


  • We support editing draft messages on iOS and in Gmail. However, these drafts do not synchronize across accounts.
  • We currently don't support creating new mailboxes (labels) from within Apple Mail.
    Workaround: create new labels from the Gmail web interface.
  • When you use Google Sync, some Gmail actions might behave differently for you. For example, whenyou "delete" a message from your Inbox, the Gmail default is to archive the message and not delete it. To delete the message, select Enable "Delete Email As Trash" for this device in your Google Sync settings. See our complete list of how actions taken on your device affect your Gmail interface.


  • Accept/Maybe/Decline page has a field to Add Comments, but changes you make in this field donot synchronizewith Google Calendar.
  • Attendee status changes mightnot sync. Under certain circumstances, when you're invited to a series of recurring events, saving a change for all eventsafter accept/maybe/decline only appliesthe change to a single, selected event.
  • Imported recurring events may not sync. If you've imported calendar entries from another calendar system into Google Calendar, you might find that only the first occurrence of the event synchronizes. Insome cases,the event does not synchronizeat all. Events occurringmultiple times per month (for example "the first and last Monday of each month") are not accurately represented in the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Recurring events created within Google Calendar will synchronize correctly.
  • Duplicate events can becreated when changes are made across daylight savings time. This issue arises If you edit an instance of the recurring event after the first event occurs, and you remove the attendeeandselectSave for future events. In some cases, the iOS device doesn't correctly make these changes, and instead creates two separate event series that overlap by oneday. This problem often affects events created in the GMT timezone when the series of events spans across theDaylight Savings Time boundary.For example, if you create a series of recurring eventsin August, and in December youchange an instance of the series, the iOS device will show both the original event and the changed instance in the Calendar application.

General issues

  • Contact field limitations. The iOS device can synchronize up to threeemail addresses. Phone number synchronization is limited to twohome numbers, onehome Fax, onemobile device, onepager, threework numbers (one will be labeled 'Company Main') and one work Fax number. Custom labels for phone numbers and other fields are not synced.
  • Incomplete contact information. If you have copied a contact from your domain's Directory toGoogle Contacts, only the email address and phone number of the contact will be synchronized with your iOS device. On the web, the contactentries you seeresult from combining information you have manually entered and information from the contact's Google Profile, a connected profile. The information from these connected profiles does not automatically synchronize to iOS devices through standard contacts synchronization.

    Connected Profile information is available on iOS 4.0 or higher using Currents. If you're not a Currents user, you can manually enter a contact's connected profile data intoContacts. Additionally, you could delete the contact from Contacts and then copy the contact from the Directory to Contacts on your iOS device itself, which will move the contact information to the device without issue.

    Note: Currents is now only available for Google Workspace customers, and it is no longer available for consumer (personal) and brand accounts.

  • iOS Reminders. iOS Reminders do not sync to Google Workspace due to the fact that there is no equivalent service in Google Workspace.
  • Google Workspaceissues? Google Workspace administrators should see Set up advanced mobile management.

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