How to link to a specific part of a page Chrome

Google has released a new Chrome extension that lets you link to a specific block of text inside a webpage. Similar to how you’d create YouTube links to a video’s timestamp, these customized web addresses directly skip to and highlight the section you’ve selected as soon as the webpage renders.

Simply called Link to Text Fragment, the add-on is available on the Chrome Web Store for free. To use it, first make sure you have the latest version of either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Next, once you’ve installed the extension on your computer, right-click a piece of text on a webpage and select the Copy Link to Selected Text option. You can then paste the link wherever you’d like to share it.

Link to Text Fragment extension demo.

Link to Text Fragment is based on a new technology Google recently rolled out for its Chrome browser called Text Fragments. It’s the same module Google is now employing to highlight the snippet that appears at the top of a web search when you click the linked source.


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While it was already possible to compose these fragmented links by appending the text in question at the end of a normal URL, Link to Text Fragment saves you from manual labor and lets you generate them with a click of a button.

This capability is limited to Google Chrome and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Therefore, the addresses Link to Text Fragment produces won’t work on other browsers like Firefox or Safari. In a technical blog post, Google says that as of June 17, “Safari and Firefox have not publicly signaled an intent to implement the feature.” On incompatible browsers, the link will open the webpage as it normally would.

Link to Text Fragment is a handy extension that can especially prove useful when you want to guide someone to a section inside a lengthy webpage. However, due to the nascent technology it is based on, it’s far from perfect yet. In my testing, I found it largely inconsistent as it would often refuse to highlight the text or throw an error that said I needed to select a longer sequence of text.

Google Chrome browser has made it simpler for its users to link to specific text parts of a webpage in search results, via an extension called Link to Text Fragment. What exactly does this Chrome extension do? In Chrome 90 and later they have integrated this feature directly into the browser.

Copy link to highlight Chrome

You can now create & share links to specific highlighted sections on a page using Google Chrome. Google has now integrated this feature with Chrome browser. Now to copy you need to simply do the following:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Visit a web page
  3. Highlight the text you want to create a link to
  4. Right-click, and select Copy link to highlight
  5. A URL ending in a pound sign will be generated
  6. You can share this URL.

Now when they click on the link, the specific highlighted test will be opened at the beginning of the page.

Microsoft Edge users may use the Link to Text Fragment Chrome extension.

The extension is open-source. When added to the browser, it creates a link that, upon clicking, directs users to a specific piece of text on a page. So, when you want to generate a link for the specific part of the webpage only, right-click and select ‘Copy link to selected text’ option from the context menu. The extension automatically creates a link for that part. You can then, choose to share it with others. The process to use it is simple:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Open a webpage.
  3. Choose the line of text you want to link to.
  4. Right-click and choose Copy Link to Selected Text.
  5. Wait for the link creation is successful.
  6. Paste your link.

The links created by the extension are compatible with version 80 upwards of all Chromium-based browsers, but they’re not supported in all browsers. Firefox and Safari do not support the capability as of now. Clicking a link while using these browsers will simply take you to the top of the linked webpage, without highlighting the text.

Launch Google Chrome web browser

Open a webpage, select the text that you want to link to.

Link to Text Fragment Chrome extension

Then, highlight the line of text/s you want to search, right-click, and choose ‘Copy Link to Selected Text’ from the context menu.

The extension will generate a link instantly. If the link creation is successful, the selected text will be briefly highlighted in yellow as seen in the screenshot above.

Now, paste your link wherever you want to share it.

When the recipient clicks the link, he will be taken straight to the part of the webpage which the sender had intended to share with him.

Similar capabilities existed earlier but required the web page creator to code an anchor into the web page that others may hyperlink to. The new development cuts short this lengthy process.

Take the name you've chosen, and insert it into an opening HTML anchor link tag. ... .
Create the hyperlink that'll take you to that text or object..
Click here to try the example..
Press Ctrl + U to view it's source..
Press Ctrl + F and search for _id=" (Replace the underscore by a space!), see example below:.
Any id can be used as a jump target..
Press and hold down the ALT key on the keyboard and start selecting the text inside the hyperlink by dragging with the left mouse button held down. Now you need to release the left mouse button before the ALT key, this is important. You are done.